Unscrupulous Modifier.

From a Peter, Paul, and Mary Live in Concert, the song “Blue.” You can get the album here. I’ll wait.


So there’s a bit of patter in that song where Paul talks about an “unscrupulous modifier of folk songs.” Well, I’m an unscrupulous modifier of scripts. Bash, perl, Powershell, batch, whatever works. I’ll scrap stuff from here and there and everywhere and then mash it together into something that works.

So I’ve decided to share what works for me so other people can take it and run with it for themselves. I’ll try to attribute my sources whenever possible, and if you recognize something that’s yours that I didn’t attribute, please let me know so I can. Conversely, if you post one of my scripts, please attribute it to me, as well.

I’m also going to use this to talk about other system administration tasks, shortcuts, and projects. Assuming I actually keep writing. We shall see, eh?


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